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Guidr® represents a quantum leap in the way law firms are run and legal services are delivered to consumers.

Guidr is a fully digitized estate planning platform that incorporates you (the attorney) and your firm. Unlike self-help, non-attorney online planning platforms, Guidr allows you to provide online document creation and your traditional estate planning services simultaneously. Guidr will prompt users who need more sophisticated estate planning services to contact your firm to obtain them.

In short, Guidr enables you to tap into the rapidly growing market for online planning through your own firm. In addition, Guidr helps your firm establish relationships with users who may require higher-fee services, like trusts, as well as probate or trust administration for loved ones, in the future.

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“Super easy and helpful”

“Guidr offers a great opportunity for those who wish to create their documents on their own timeframe, and from the comfort of their own home. It’s a wonderful alternative to traditional estate planning, and will also provide the same peace of mind.” – Maricatherine | New York