About Our Documents

  • Guidr generates attorney-created, tested and proven estate planning documents.
  • They are state-specific and statutory in nature, in states where a statutory form exists.
  • Right now, Guidr is able to generate Health Care Directives, Powers of Attorney and Wills along with instructions for signing each of those documents in your state, and engagement agreements.
  • There are features of the documents that you can tailor to your firm, which we call “defaults”
    • Example: You can choose what term to use for the Executor in the Will (Executor, Personal Representative or Administrator) based on your state or personal preference
  • You are not able to customize these documents beyond our defaults.
  • You are not able to upload your own documents or templates to the Guidr platform.
  • We always welcome feedback and will review and prioritize enhancement requests accordingly

If you have any suggestions, requests, or general questions about the documents that are generated, please email so we can track and respond to all of those requests in an organized and efficient way.