Guidr vs The Other Guys

The Power of Guidr vs the Other Legal Tech Platforms

  • Online legal services through a local licensed attorney. Not self-help. All legal documents generated by the platform are reviewed and approved by the attorney prior to being released to the consumer.
  • Guidr technology platform is only available through licensed attorneys and all communication between platform user and attorney from its inception is managed on the platform as required by attorneys in working with consumers outside of the platform. Guidr incorporates all attorney ethical considerations and supports the attorneys in maintaining them.
  • All communication through the technology platform is imported into the law firm contact management system it uses or if none, provides a dashboard for the attorney to manage all communications occurring between the attorney and consumer on the platform.
  • Guidr levels the playing field for solo and small firm practitioners to be able to provide legal services in a technologically advanced manner consistent with what consumers have come to expect on self-help only websites. This ensures the public has all of the protection and guidance of legal representation with the technology and ease of the big non-attorney platforms.
  • The Guidr technology platform allows consumers to switch between self guided planning through online legal advice tutorials, attorney assisted clarification when requested by consumer or in-office fulfillment of the legal needs identified by them.
  • Allows solo and small firm practitioners to be competitive with large national self-help, non-attorneys systems while providing consumers the benefit of client attorney representation. The cost to develop such a platform would not be attainable for most law firms. Guidr made the investment to enable solo and small law firms to compete in the digitized world at no cost other than direct services used.
  • Guidr is an attorney-based solution.


  • Online self-help legal documents without attorney representation.
  • Focused on For Profit for shareholders and is NOT affiliated with any law firm.
  • Has assisted over 4 million consumers create legal documents that would have traditionally been done by attorneys.
  • Helps locate attorneys for services the platform cannot provide.
  • Bypasses the need for consumers to consult with traditional law firm.
  • “Cheaper” than the traditional law firm.
  • Technology-based solutions for consumers.
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