Expert Advice On How Marketing Can Improve Your Law Firm’s Online Reach

Lawyers have a lot of work on their plates, and the concept of marketing their legal practice is probably the last thing on their minds. I know some attorneys who even believe creating a “brand” around what they do isn’t a realistic goal. However, in the financial service industry, our guest, Matt Halloran, built a 20-year career by helping clients with their online presence.

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How Your Legal Brand Helps You Maximize Your Marketing

In last week’s blog, we talked about simple ways lawyers can overcome their fear of marketing. Now we’re going to look at ways to ensure you have the right branding in place to maximize your marketing and build the know, like, and trust factor that helps drive prospective clients to you.

5 Ways To Market Your Law Firm Without Feeling Overwhelmed

Would you be surprised to know that the word “marketing” strikes fear into most lawyers?

I’ve worked with nearly 10,000 lawyers over the past 30 years, and marketing is a subject that causes a lot of pain and confusion. We are bombarded with emails from specialists every day telling us they have the “ultimate solution” to help us enroll more clients and secure business.

Why ‘Ease’ Is a Key Component to a Strong Business Collaboration

Working in collaboration with another business can help you both reach another level of success; to truly work well it needs to be easy.

Guy and I met through Strategic Coach® (coaching for growth-minded business owners). Its creator Dan Sullivan explains how a collaborative approach involves bringing together two different people with skills or knowledge in a particular area and using them for a different purpose.