Expert Advice On How Marketing Can Improve Your Law Firm’s Online Reach

Lawyers have a lot of work on their plates, and the concept of marketing their legal practice is probably the last thing on their minds. I know some attorneys who even believe creating a “brand” around what they do isn’t a realistic goal. However, in the financial service industry, our guest, Matt Halloran, built a 20-year career by helping clients with their online presence.

The 5 Key Shifts Your Law Firm Needs To Make To Embrace Digitization

Many lawyers are finding the digitization of the legal sector intimidating, and as a result they are losing out on opportunities to build and future-proof their firm.

There are already online platforms that sell legal documents with no lawyer involvement. However, at Guidr we keep the lawyer at the center of the online service so that your expertise is on hand and the consumer trusts they will receive high quality documents.

How Lessons Learned From A Sport Can Help Future-Proof Your Law Firm

Adaptability is one of the key qualities your law firm requires to ride out unexpected turbulence and the ongoing digital evolution of what consumers want and need.

Although entrepreneurs tend to be naturally adaptable, the pandemic caught most of us by surprise. We had to make major changes to the way we think and work in order to survive, which will put us in a great position moving forwards.