How One Company Is Stopping the Legal Industry From Lagging Behind

How One Company Is Stopping the Legal Industry From Lagging Behind

by Guy Remond, with Dave Zumpano

Once upon a time, websites would crash within seconds of tickets going on sale for a Robbie Williams concert. Thankfully, technology has advanced significantly since the ‘90s.

The restrictions of the last year have forced many industries to join the tech revolution.

At Guidr, we have created a self-service online legal system (for America) where people can easily and affordably access legal documents and request further support from their local law firm where necessary.

In this article, we’re going to look at how technology has progressed, summarize the post-Covid world and explain how Guidr will revolutionize the legal industry.

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How online services have changed

I’ve been developing websites and complex back-end systems for nearly 30 years. Online services have become more user-friendly and reliable with the increase of bandwidth. Ticketing systems now rarely crash and easily deal with spikes in demand. It’s possible to offer an interactive online service that is simple to use.

Consumers’ expectations have also changed. They want simple-to-use online services they can access across all devices. People want to be able to buy products and services from their sofa or their car.

The pandemic has accelerated the rate of change, forcing everyone online. It has democratized and demonetized services. In other words, it is cheaper and easier for companies to be and sell online.


For almost 15 years the high street has been deteriorating. Big name retailers are falling by the wayside at an alarming rate. What we’re seeing is a form of reverse engineering where some retailers are doing most of their business online and using retail premises on a limited basis.

Technology is being utilized in a big way. In some places, for example, you can scan a QR code (a type of barcode) as you walk into an Amazon store, choose whatever you want off the shelf, put the items in a bag and walk out the store. The computer vision cameras are watching and registering what you are choosing; your card will then be charged and a receipt sent to your phone. It’s incredible.

The online world is developing so fast, and since Dave tells me that the legal industry has been lagging behind, I was really interested in how he thinks it will look in the future.

Legal industry

Dave: “The legal industry is not as progressive as the retail markets. We are laggards in terms of how we adopt things, especially technology. It took Covid-19 to permit virtual signing of documents. While Covid shut down the world, it blew open our future.

Our most recent conference had the highest ever online attendance. The technology is unbelievable. In the social hour you can walk into these virtual rooms, see who is sitting at the tables, and choose who you want to sit and chat with.

The number one scream-out from all our participants, though, is that they want to get back in a real room as soon as possible; but what this has enabled us to do is open up our events to people who otherwise wouldn’t be able to physically get there. We can run a hybrid model [in person with an online live stream] and accommodate everyone.”

It’s fantastic to see how the legal industry has moved forwards over the past year. It would usually cost a lot of money for a small law firm to create an online service capable of competing with a bigger online platform. Guidr eliminates this problem.

We have made it possible for lawyers (and their clients) to use a really comprehensive, well-built and easy-to-use system. I’m eager to hear if Dave thinks Guidr has successfully eliminated the major obstacles.

Dave: “It almost reminds me of the Steve Jobs approach: the simple one-button concept. I think the Guidr platform is unique. It changes the way that lawyers interact with consumers and clients. It enables people to enter their personal data and have access to simple solutions. It’s easy for the lawyers to use and it keeps them at the centre of the service instead of eliminating them like some major platforms do.

Guidr is the legal platform and the technological platform that provides services while respecting the attorney-client privilege in compliance with all legal obligations.

The legal industry will trust and accept this platform because it’s a bridge from complexity to simplicity with all the due diligence required.”

Knowing that the legal industry has been slow to embrace technology, I wondered what Dave thinks will support them to move forward and make the most of it now.

Dave: “I’ve been part of the legal industry for more than 30 years and have an active practice that uses the tools; I think this is an important element that will give other potential users confidence.”

If you’d like to find out more about the online services that Guidr provides and how these could help you to attract new people, deliver a high level of service to existing clients, increase revenue and decrease the day-to-day busy work and administration for your firm, please get in touch by emailing and

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