How To Sell Your Legal Services Without Feeling Pushy Or Salesy

How To Sell Your Legal Services Without Feeling Pushy Or Salesy

by Dave Zumpano, with Guy Remond

How do you feel about selling your services or legal products? Do you cringe at the thought, or are you excited because you know how much they will support your clients?

When you don’t feel good about what you’re offering, your prospects are less likely to buy, which leaves you frustrated and detracts from your bottom line.

Buying and selling is an emotional process. It’s not based on logic or reason. A passionate “salesperson” who genuinely believes in their product is more likely to generate new and repeat business.

Reframe how you think about sales

Typically lawyers shy away from “selling”, but with the right mindset and recognition of the value you’re offering, you can create new business with ease (and feel good about it). However, unless you move away from traditional methods of selling, your law firm will likely lose business.

By the end of this article, whether you’re aggressive or timid when it comes to sales, you’ll know what you need to do to close a sale and serve your prospect at the highest level.

Everything you do in life is about selling. The relationship with your spouse, your friends, and your boss have all come as a result of you selling yourself in some shape or form. If you’re not energetic and enthusiastic about it, why would your prospect be? (If you’d like to transform how you think about sales, listen to our podcast.)

Why you must move away from the hard sell

Guy Remond, co-founder of Guidr, shared the value of nurturing relationships.

Guy: “People buy people. They will pay more and buy more from someone they know, like, and trust. My biggest consideration when I buy is whether that person will look after me in the way that I want to be looked after.

When Tesla cars first came out, they were predominantly sold online and I was willing to pay $100k for a car I’d never driven because it was designed by Elon Musk. I knew his mission, what he was about, read his reviews, and his reputation was enough to make me want to buy. Selling is a mindset and ‘sales’ is just a word. Be passionate about what you do and you will sell.”

If you’ve been reading our blogs for a while, you’ll know that Guy is a tech entrepreneur whose first business was acquired by Disney Streaming Services in a multi-million-dollar deal. What’s remarkable about this is that Guy built his business without a dedicated sales team!

How to sell without a sales team

Guy: “Although we didn’t have a sales team, we did have a sales process. Our team was passionate about their work so they created podcasts, wrote blogs, presented to user groups, and found innovative ways to share our expertise with the technical community.

People came to us because of our reputation. We didn’t need to give out business cards or drive traffic to our website because the team got chatting to people, which sped up the buying process. They already understood the value proposition and what we were good at. By the time they got in touch, all we had to do was agree commercial terms.”

Guy has illustrated the importance of prospects already knowing, liking, and trusting you and your team; when a prospect phones you, they’re already a hot lead. Your branding, your marketing, and your advertising are all part of your sales pipeline. Sales is about everything that happens from someone’s first point of contact with your business; it’s not a cold conversation.

Our job as lawyers is not to sell but to identify a need, find the best solution to match it, and enroll the client. We don’t need to actively sell because our products and services will sell themselves if you simply invite people to choose the best solution to their needs.

How to support people to purchase what they need

Technology has revolutionized how people want to access their legal documents. The pandemic has highlighted the benefits of remote working and people are eager to take advantage of it, which is why Guidr can help your local firm to grow and move with the times in a way that enhances your firm’s reputation and takes care of all the technical aspects you find challenging.

In The Ultimate Sales Machine, author Chet Holmes shares the findings of a multi-million-dollar study. It showed that at any given time approximately:

  • 3% of the marketplace need your product or service
  • 7% will need it in the next 30 days but don’t know it yet
  • 30% don’t need it
  • 30% may not need it but might consider it
  • 30% might need it but know nothing about what you’re offering.

Chet’s findings show why you have to find a way to educate and inform people about your product or service! There is always someone out there who needs it; you just need to be on their radar so that they can opt in when the time is right for them.

How to make selling easy

Guy summed it up perfectly.

Guy: “You need to build your brand; you can pay for advertising or you can demonstrate your expertise and raise your profile through your team and be recognized as the experts in your sector. When you do this, the sales process is quite easy because people are approaching you, you’re not approaching them. Then, if you go ahead and carry out what you’ve promised you’ll do, your reputation will precede you and you’ll start to receive referrals.”

As lawyers, we’re experts in the legal industry, but branding, marketing, advertising, and selling are not our forte. You can choose to actively engage and learn more, and adapt to people’s changing needs by delivering more services online.

Guy and I set up Guidr, an online platform delivering legal documents online while retaining the expertise and support of the local law firm. It’s a done-for-you solution for any law firm that wants to deliver a high-value service to its clients but doesn’t have the technical capability.

It will help you attract new clients and deliver services in the way that the modern world demands.

If you know your law firm needs to move with the times, check out our book The Digitization of Law: How to Transform Technology Disruptions into Abounding Opportunity, or get in touch with me at or Guy Remond at

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