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Guidr has the potential to be the biggest law firm in the world that doesn’t directly employ any lawyers, just as Uber is the biggest taxi company that doesn’t own any taxis.

The first community we all have experience of is our family. My mom had 11 children over 12 years (no twins); think about what it took to raise those children. She was also an entrepreneur who increased the family business 37 fold over 25 years.

I describe myself as an entrepreneur who practices law. One of the biggest frustrations that I’ve had in the legal profession is the strict rules on who can run a law practice, because the first stage of any business is getting it consistently profitable, but most lawyers have had no entrepreneurial upbringing.

Surveys have shown that most people would rather die than see a lawyer. Large-scale online platforms are sugar-coated as legal services, but the reality is they are a self-help service for legal products. That’s a huge disadvantage for the consumer.

Once upon a time, websites would crash within seconds of tickets going on sale for a Robbie Williams concert. Thankfully, technology has advanced significantly since the ‘90s.

For the past few years, lawyers have been sitting on the sidelines watching an increase in the number of online self-service legal platforms and hoping that their business won’t be negatively affected.

At the turn of 2019 I was exploring my business goals for the next twelve months. Written next to one of my key objectives were the words “develop or abandon”.

Hi! I’m David Zumpano, co-founder of Guidr. If you missed last week’s blog, where my business partner Guy Remond introduced the Guidr platform and shared his amazing story, here is a quick recap.

Hi, I’m Guy Remond, entrepreneur, non-exec, investor, karate black belt (it’s been 15 years, but still!) and co-founder of Guidr. Guidr is a software company with a vision of working with local law firms to help them to increase their revenues by offering digitized and democratized legal services using the Guidr platform to clients they would ordinarily miss out on.

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The Digitization of Law

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