Ready To Find Out If Your Mindset Supports Or Hinders Your Law Firm?

Ready To Find Out If Your Mindset Supports Or Hinders Your Law Firm?

by Guy Remond, with Dave Zumpano

As a lawyer, what do you think about digital expansion? Your answer to that question could be the difference between your law firm thriving or getting left behind.

If you’ve been reading our blogs for a while, you’ll know that we set up Guidr to help local law firms deliver their expertise in a way that meets consumer demand. We’re noticing that fewer clients want to go to a law office; many want to access legal documents online at home (or on the move), and at a time that suits them.

Guidr is the first (to our knowledge) online legal service platform that includes the support and expertise of a client’s local law firm.

We’ve developed a digital scorecard to help you assess your current thinking around digital expansion, and enable you to set a target on how to maximize the benefits to you, your law firm, and your clients.

In this blog, we’ll explore some of the common concerns, and why adopting an open mind and enrolling the right support can help set your law firm up for success.

The truth about using technology to grow your practice

Platforms that exclude lawyers are already thriving (and costing you business!), but Guidr puts your experience, knowledge, and expertise at the forefront and offers a self-serve option. Your law firm can make money while you sleep.

Over the past two years it’s become clear to us that digitization is intimidating to many lawyers, but without it your practice has a limited future.

Dave: “I grew up in the ‘70s and ‘80s. My proficiency with technology is not great compared to the young whippersnappers, but the key to this issue is that you don’t need to be great with the technology. You need to develop key relationships with trusted advisers.

Guy and I can be your trusted advisers; even if you’re not confident in technology, strategic use of the digital platform and the right support will help you grow your business exponentially.”

Is your mindset helping or hindering business growth?

The scorecard we’ve developed asks four key questions, and offers hints and tips on what to do to ease stress and transform your mindset and your business. Those four questions are:

  1. Do you feel increasingly angry or frustrated that other businesses are achieving big technology breakthroughs that you don’t understand?
  2. You keep hearing the future of business is a digital revolution, but do you feel like you’ll never know how to take advantage of it?
  3. Do you feel like there aren’t any new strategies or technological approaches that will produce dramatically bigger results for your business?
  4. Do you feel confident that your strategic use of digital platforms will grow your business exponentially?

There is no room for complacency when it comes to adopting technology that has the potential to revolutionize your business. If you adopted every new technology that came out, you’d be forever updating systems and may not see tangible results. However, if you modernize your services to meet demand and embrace digital expansion, your business will reap the reward.

Will legal services be replaced by technology?

When we first introduced law firms to Guidr, many lawyers were fearful that their role would become redundant, but the reverse is true. When you offer a legal self-service in combination with the offer of in-house support, you create an opportunity that didn’t exist before. You are tapping into a new market.

Guidr helps you to scale your practice and make the most of the untapped potential in the lower age groups who, first and foremost, look to technology to meet their needs.

Digital expansion is already proving to be a success

Dave shared some statistics that will help you see just how quickly people adapt to new technology.

Dave: “Offering legal services online is not the future, it’s happening right now. Legal Zoom has already exceeded five million customers; five million people chose to use an online platform instead of using the direct services of a law firm. It’s a huge mistake to think that platforms like this will not impact your business.

The difference is that our platform keeps you and your business as vital components so that when clients want bespoke services or additional support, your firm is the obvious choice.

These outside forces have the power and swing of a baseball bat; they are not swinging with feathers! We lawyers have to get relevant. We don’t have a choice, consumers expect it. It’s time to become leaders in digitizing law.”

The next steps

It’s clear that the law firms adopting new technologies will continue to grow and thrive because there’s evidence that it’s what consumers want. If you’re not open to it, your law firm will struggle.

Dave and I are happy to answer any questions and explore the opportunities that technology can offer your law firm and your clients. Email Dave at or me, Guy, at

You can also download our free ebook The Digitization of Law: How to Transform Technology Disruptions into Abounding Opportunity, or buy a hard copy.

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