Meet the Digitized Guidr Attorneys

Meet the Team

Guidr is a system that empowers Attorneys, Lawyers and Law firms with the ability to let their customers create legal documents on their schedule.

But Guidr is more than just a faceless AI. Ava, Bob, Charlotte and Mike are digital assistants with personality and character to suit a diverse range of clients and customers.

Guidr digitized character group shot
Guidr digital character Ava

Meet Ava

Ava is 45 and was originally from Puerto Rico. Now divorced, she is the mother of 2 boys living in Fort Myers, Florida. She loves cooking and attending her sons’ baseball games. She also volunteers her time tutoring ESL (English as a second language) to local students.

She received her undergraduate degree and her law degree both from Florida State University.

Guidr gives her the freedom to be with her family, and not have to work 60+ hours per week. It’s an easy way to continue making money, with the ability to have a good work-life balance with her growing boys.

Meet Bob

Bob is 58 and is originally from the suburbs of Chicago. He played football in high school and at his Division II undergrad. He then married his high school sweetheart, and is now living in Indiana with his wife and three children.

Bob was educated at Notre Dame Law School (his father’s and his grandfather’s alma mater). He now has his own law practice and teaches a tax law class at Notre Dame one semester per year.

He always believed the practice of law was sacred and used to be resistant to change. However, working at a college, he sees the value of embracing technology and realizes it’s time to digitize his practice.

Guidr digital character Charlotte

Meet Charlotte

Charlotte is 32 and a millennial. She grew up with technology and can’t imagine the world without it.

Originally from Scranton, Pennsylvania, now living and working in Philadelphia, with her two dogs (Beau and Arrow). Her hobbies are running, spin class and yoga. She has a fear of failing; not making enough money and having to move back home.

She attended a state college, Bloomsburg University, to save money during undergrad, and received her law degree from Drexel University.

After working for a small firm for a few years, she’s ready to go out on her own. She is running an almost fully remote law firm from her loft in Philly, only sharing office space with a friend from law school when needed.

Guidr digital character Mike

Meet Mike

Mike is 50 and grew up in a military family with 4 siblings. They moved all over the U.S. but spent most of his younger life in Texas. He hates snakes, really really hates snakes, due to an encounter during his childhood in Texas.

He got a full ride to Baylor University for undergrad and majored in accounting. He worked as an accountant for 10+ years and realized he didn’t like it. He then went to law school later in life and graduated from Gonzage University School of Law.

He is now living and working in Seattle with his wife and children. His wife is a teacher and they both love to travel, so they spend their summers traveling around the U.S. and abroad.

Guidr allows Mike to take time off to be with his family and do the things he loves the most.