What’s Included

Guidr allows users—your online clients—to choose from four foundational document options: last will and testament; power of attorney; healthcare directive; or all three of these crucial documents.

Guidr also includes the Estate Plan Advisor. The Estate Plan Advisor is an extra selection on your Guidr page that will help users determine which plan is best for them, if they’re not sure what they need. It will recommend either the Essentials Plan (HCP, POA, Will), a Revocable Trust, or an Irrevocable Trust. Since Guidr does not yet draft revocable or irrevocable trusts, this will serve as a lead generation tool for your firm.

In addition, everything you need to take Guidr from set-up to market is also included!

On-Boarding Support

  • The Guidr digital platform with your personalized Guidr URL for your firm
  • A customized Guidr page within your website
  • Unlimited access to the Help Desk for Guidr-related questions
  • A Best Practices Guide, containing everything you need to know about setting up and using Guidr, including best practices for operations, finance and marketing, reviewing client plans, signing documents, and other frequently asked questions.

Marketing Support

As an authorized Guidr user you will receive the Guidr Marketing Tool Kit. You will be able to select the tools that are right for your firm, then LWP Marketing will brand them for you. Options include email templates and content, social media posts, online banner ads, print ads, billboard design, radio and television spots and press release for your local media. In addition, the Guidr marketing team will be available to guide you in your plan for bringing Guidr to your particular market.

The Guidr Community

The Guidr Community provides many ways for us to stay in touch including monthly roundtables, the listserv and the help desk. Guidr members have access to the interactive, monthly Ask Guidr Roundtables where Guidr team members will present what’s new and attendees can share, compare and get their questions answered. The Guidr Listserv provides an open forum for asking immediate questions, sharing your experiences with other Guidr members and getting updates from the Guidr team. The Guidr Help Desk is always open and it’s the your way of getting your technical questions answered.

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