Why Guidr Was Created

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The digitization of law practices isn’t an event that will happen in the future, it’s happening now. The rate of change will only increase as technology improves in the coming years. What we invite you to do is make a decision about whether you are going to continue thinking as you always have, or embrace and celebrate technology’s role to improve your practice and the whole legal sector.

Consider all the complex, creative thinking you do every day for your clients. This is where your strength lies. Legal work also requires a great deal of data collection, which is time-consuming. However, to provide appropriate advice to your clients, you need the data; but do you have to be the one who collects it? Technology presents an amazing opportunity to concentrate on what you do best, which is helping your clients with their legal issues.

Guidr is a digital law practice, management, and delivery platform that allows lawyers to interact with prospects and clients in a whole new way, and allows clients to choose how they want to interact with their attorney to receive the legal services, all while ensuring the attorney is meeting their ethical responsibilities, increasing their efficiency, and able to provide support to the client at any stage of the process. This is not a platform to replace lawyers; it is a platform to enable lawyers to provide legal services in a whole new way.

We have built a legal community utilizing a high-level digital platform that enables you, as a lawyer, to deliver your services digitally to any clients who choose to access them in that way. We have developed this platform not to bypass lawyers, but to help them solve the issues they are facing around the digitization of their services by non-legal self-help platforms.

What we hope we have shown is the need for you, as a lawyer, to embrace technology. We all know it isn’t possible, as a human being, to guarantee you will always be available and always be consistent. You might get sick, go on vacation, or just have an off day. However, a machine can be consistent and available 24/7, 365 days a year, and embracing new technology can make you much more efficient and much more available to clients.

Efficiency is one of the core elements we focused on when developing this platform. We wanted to make it efficient for both the law firm and the client to use. So, when a client enters information into the Guidr platform, it can be automatically synced with Actionstep – the law firm’s client management system. This gives the law firm access to all of the clients’ details. The technology also analyzes the data and can recommend to the consumer to book an appointment to receive the input of their attorney, rather than using the self-help features.

What the Guidr platform offers is a way of introducing technology to your practice, while you retain full control of its running.

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The Digitization of Law

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